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International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Language Academy
Company Introduction
IPA is a newly established English language academy, based in Kayabachou on the Tozai Metro line. Located just 1 minute walk from Exit 7 of Kaybachou, this offers our students and teachers excellent convenience. IPA is centrally and conveniently located in Tokyo to offer convenience for all of Tokyo’s English language academics.

Newly opened in December 2005, IPA is a young school with an energetic outlook to our student’s educational needs. We welcome teachers from many of the native english speaking countries including England, the U.S., Canada, Australia and New Zealand. With the benefits of our native english teacher’s spoken skills it is a very quick and clear understanding of spoken English that our students inherit. In addition, we respect the high caliber of teacher expected by our students by employing only highly qualified, personable, friendly and reliable teachers. As it is the teachers that set the example for the school, we are always dedicated to match students with teachers best suited to their learning needs and desires.

Kayabachou is located in one of Tokyo’s biggest business areas. For this reason, our lessons often cater to high level Japanese business workers in variety of business sectors. At IPA, we have a number of classrooms to facilitate the wide variety of lessons that our students require. Our lessons range in student number from one-on-one lessons, up to 5 student group lessons. The small number of students in our lessons offers each student a much greater ability to communicate with the teacher than many other schools. This level of high quality communication allows our student’s English skills to develop at a more effective rate to their personal needs. We feel sure that your experience with IPA will be one that you enjoy and are eager to introduce to your friends.
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IPA Language Academy
Teaching at IPA
Leslie Kennah
English Instructor
After working at IPA for over a year, I find the students a pleasure to teach and the friendly staff wonderful to work with.
With a balance of business and daily conversation my lessons, students can enjoy a professional, fun and relaxed environment in the classroom.
Small class sizes and interactive lessons make learning English at IPA an enjoyable and personal experience.
I am happy to have the opportunity to teach at this school.
Julia Christie
English Instructor
I enjoy working at IPA. Aside from the friendly staff and students, I think one of the schools strengths would be the genuine interest and effort shown in improving students abilities. The variety of students I've taught at IPA are motivated, in both group and man-to-man situations. As a teacher, Lihan and his staff encourage me as much as possible to create a comfortable, but challenging environment, and I think the students respond to that. It's a positive environment, where consideration of fluctuating abilities are considered and catered for. Refreshing in Tokyo.
Glen Stewart
English Instructor
IPA is a terrific school to work at. I've been teaching at the school for six months and am really, really enjoying it. The school caters mostly to professionals of all ages, who are looking for a fun and relaxed way to further build their language skills. I teach a mixture of business and everyday conversation classes. The students are all really motivated, always preparing for class ahead of time and doing their best during classtime. The teaching materials are easy to use and provide a lot of interesting cultural information for the students, which they really like. Overall, it's a very positive and encouraging place to work and has a lot to offer both students and teachers.
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